She Drank Carrot Juice Every Day For 8 Months: You Won’t Believe What Happened…

Ann Cameron, the author of a large number of children’s books ,was born in the American state of Wisconsin in 1943. She suffered from colon cancer and had an operation  on June 6 ,2012. At the time of the surgery, this vicious disease was in the third stage, and after the surgery the writer felt better, so she refused chemotherapy.
However, it seems that it was some sort of placebo effect. Not long after the surgery, on  November 6, 2012, the results of  the computed tomography showed that colon cancer had  entered the fourth stage and spread to the lungs.
The doctors’ medical prognosis wasn’t  pleasant for her to hear at all. They predicted her three more years of life, and  it was explained to her that whether she choose to use radiation and chemotherapy or not, she shouldn’t  expect that these procedures  will  prolong her  life.
Her husband died in 2005 due to lung cancer, but she didn’t  want to give up, so she started  looking for alternative treatments. In her quest she encountered Ralph Cole’s confession. He was a man who beat skin cancer by consuming juice made ​​of  2.5 pounds of carrots on a daily basis.
Ann started drinking this juice on the 17th of November, several times a day . She didn’t  go to chemotherapy or radiation, and continued to pay attention on her healthy diet by avoiding eating unhealthy foods.
After two weeks of consuming the juice she did  positron tomography examination , and the obtained  results showed that her condition is  the same as before.
However, eight weeks after that, on 7th January 2013, computed tomography showed that the vicious disease stopped spreading, tumors and the swelling of the lymph glands began to decline. After four months of treatment, in March. 2013, the cancer continued to decline, and the glands were back to normal. After eight months of  the treatment, it was found that the cancer has completely disappeared.
The secret of the carrot juice is in the fatty alcohol and natural pesticide which is found in carrots, and it is proven that has anticancer properties. Drinking this juice raises levels of carotenoids in the blood and organic pigments that are believed to act on prevention of the formation of tumor cells.

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