The Cancer Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods .Time to Start Eating Them!

According to scientists, there are certain foods which can have the ability to stop feeding cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth. Some of those foods are: tomatoes, red wine, black chocolate, green tea, curry and blueberries. Also, they claim that these specific foods can be even more effective than chemo. What caused their hidden power?
 They have powerful anti-angiogenesis properties. Angiogenesis involves formation of new blood vessels in the body. This process is regulated by molecules named inhibitors and activators. Usually, the inhibitors predominate, but activators are also very important since they are responsible for increased cell growth for the formation of new blood vessels. In case where tumor is present, it also needs angiogenesis in order to grow and spread. Cancer cells release their activators of angiogenesis- molecules that mimic normal activators and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels and supply the tumor with nutrients. Foods that stop angiogenesis: Tomatoes According to Harvard study, people who consumed tomato sauce four times in a month reduced their risk of prostate cancer by 50%. Tomatoes are loaded with lycopene, a compound which has anti-angiogenic properties.

 It is a fat-soluble substance and therefore it requires proper absorption through the digestive tract. The amount of lycopene increases when tomatoes are exposed to high temperature or cooked with oil. The dishes with curries include another useful substance: Turmeric- This powerful plant has the ability to melt fat accumulated in the body and to improve overall health. Red wine- Red wine is rich in reservatrol, a powerful antioxidant which is found in the skin of grapes.

 It can improve your heart health and prolong your life span. According to research data, this substance is able to inhibit cancer growth, destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi, increase life span in animals, boost energy production in cells and cleanse the body from free radicals. Also, it has been proved that reservatrol can increase glucose tolerance in diabetics, improve physical and mental health and concentration ability, repair damaged DNA, and prevent cell damage caused by nuclear radiation. 225 ml of red wine will provide you with 640 mcg of reservatrol. Reservatrol supplements are often taken in combination with grape extracts or other antioxidants, in doses of 200-600 mcg per day.

According to study, varieties Bordeaux and Pinot Noir contain most of this valuable polyphenol. Also, it is recommended that you regularly consume coffee and green tea. The dark color of blueberries and raspberries is due to their high phytonutrient content. They can prevent cancer, reduce the oxidative stress and inhibit angiogenesis. It is an extremely powerful weapon against ovarian cancer. Dark chocolate is another superfood which can be very effective in cancer prevention. It can improve heart health and your mood.

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