This Is Why You Should Never Drink Water With Ice

Never order water with ice when eating out somewhere. There are reasons why iced water should not be drunk.

Just think what will happen to your body and skin if you dive in a mountain lake whose top ice layer has just defrosted. Even if the temperature outside is pleasant, you know that the lake is still extremely cold.

The pores on your skin open and the skin becomes loose in a contact with warm water. On the other side, if your skin gets in touch with cold water the pores close and the skin constricts. Iced water does the same to the digestive system.

Consequences of drinking cold water

• Iced water shrinks the blood vessels in the digestive tract. The digestive system becomes restricted and there is no hydration.
• Your body spends energy to regulate the temperature after you drink cold water, so the digestive tract has no energy to digest the food and absorb the nutrients. Water loss also happens.
• Excess mucus is created inside of the body when drinking iced water after eating. This affects the proper function of the immune system and the chances of catching a cold or some other illness increase.
• Drinking cold water and other beverages while eating or after eating can make you fat. The body has no ability to digest the unnecessary fats so they remain in the body.

Even though some people believe that cold water promotes the function of the digestive tract and it can burn more calories, this is not true. Our digestive system should work as easy as possible. We should not overload it with work.

Warm water benefits

Here are the benefits of drinking room temperature water or even warmer water:

• Faster hydration
• Digestion enhancement since there is a stimulation of the digestive enzymes
• Easier food break down
• Improved movement through the bowels (drink a mix of warm water and lemon in the morning)
• Purification of the blood
• Improvement of the natural detoxification through the lymphatic system, skin and kidneys
You will notice the benefits of drinking warm water when you get used to it. Even the sugar cravings may disappear.
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