Warning: This Is Why Instant Noodles Are Very Dangerous For Your Health -

Everyone loves instant noodles. They are delicious and easy to cook. You have quick meal in just a few minutes. The kids love them as well, since they are a little treat. People who work and do not have a lot of time to prepare a normal meal love them as well. Chicken soup is known for its soothing properties. If you have a flu or common cold it is most likely that you will have one, but nowadays instant noodle soup has gained such popularity.

The options for preparing noodles are endless and another benefit is that they are very cheap. It may be the biggest reason why they are so popular.

Obviously people who live in Japan, China and Indonesia are the ones who consume instant noodles the most.
People know that instant noodles are not healthy. The main problem is that people think that they are not dangerous either. But they are.

They do not have any nutritional value and eating them may lead to serious health problems. If you eat them along with vegetables you may increase the nutrition, but you will not erase the fact that they are still dangerous. Here are five reasons why you should stop eating instant noodles.

1. Harmful preservatives

The main preservatives that may be found in the instant noodle packaging are butylated hydroxyanisole and t-butyl hydroquinone. They are the reason why noodles last so long. According to one study you can keep them on the market shelf two or three times longer. However the FDA still approves moderate amount of t-butyl hydroquinone, but you must know that if you consume it for a longer period of time it may cause cancer. Concerning BNA, it is known as the human carcinogen.

The BNA is included in the list of chemicals that may cause endocrine-disrupting effects. If that happens you may have a bad influence on the immune and the reproductive system.

2. Digestion

The bad digestion may sound normal but in fact is really harmful. One study conducted in the Massachusetts General Hospital showed the effects that noodles have over the digestive tract in a period of 32 hours. The stomach had difficulties in breaking down the noodles and they were undigested and strained through the digestive tract.

They stay in the digestive system for so long that it may cause overexposure to toxins and preservatives. This may cause asthma, diarrhea and have bad influence over the reproductive organs and the liver.

3. Saturated fats

If you eat foods that contain high amounts of fat it may lead to obesity, but saturated fats are especially dangerous because they produce bad cholesterol and increase the chances of getting a heart disease.

You should avoid eating saturated fats. The instant noodles have different manufacturers and the content of saturated fats is different. They are prepared in palm oil, butter or even lard and they have a lot of saturated fats. Before eating or even purchasing them you should read the ingredients and nutrition label.

4. Heart disease

The metabolic syndrome is a group of symptoms that may increase the chances of having a stroke or any other heart disease. Many of the symptoms include high blood pressure, blood sugar, abdominal fat, cholesterol or high triglyceride level. In a study published in 2004 it was shown that women who consume noodles 2 to 3 times a week have increased commonness of metabolic syndrome. Another thing that is used for the process of making noodles is the deep-frying process- which enhances he changes of getting a heart disease. You should always opt for those that are air dried rather than the deep-fried.

5. Sodium

The sodium helps in enhancing the flavor but if you use a lot of it, it may be dangerous. If you compare the moderate consumption of sodium to using a lot of sodium it may lead to increased death rate. The noodles have high amount of sodium and sodium is connected with high blood pressure, heart diseases and stoke as well.

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