If something is easy to cook, cheap and can be bought into large quantities then without doubt we are having conversation about the boneless, skinless fish called Tilapia. The good news are that this fish is filled with omega acids and is easy digestible. The bad news are that not all the fish fulfill this criterion.

The major problem first of all is the environment, which the fish is coming from. Not all of them come from natural, clean water. Some of them are cultivating in factory farms. Normally tilapia feeds off with algae and plants but the one found in stores actually is fed with fertilizers and different kinds of feeds. Also the farms can use many chemicals to keep it alive and breed after.
If you fed yourself with farm bred tilapia consider having problems with health very soon. Asthma, joint inflammation and coronary disease are just a few of them.
Also another problem is on sight and that is the carcinogenic effect from the chemicals that we receive consuming the fish. The tilapia who is not coming from the wild is harmful to eat and I doesn’t provide the required nutrients for the body.
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