Your Bathroom Has Never Been This Clean. A Candle Is All You Need!

Cleaning the bathroom is one of the biggest challenges of running a household. The bathroom is a breeding ground for bacteria and germs. So cleanliness is of utmost importance in the wet room! But at some point after all the scrubbing and polishing, you may notice some discoloration in the joints between the tiles. But that must not be so! Here we’ll show you how to get them brilliant white again.

All that you need is a candle! Here’s how it works: after you have cleaned the tiles normally, take a normal wax candle that you can find in any store.

Press with the bottom end on one of the joints and rub the candle into it a few times back and forth. After just a couple seconds you’ll see how it’s already working.

Focus on areas where the tiles come into contact with water most frequently. Firstly, it’ll make it brilliant white again while also creating a protective film. So afterwards, you’ll never have to deal with dirty grout lines again. Brilliant!
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