6 Reasons Mountain Dew Is Terrible For You And Should Never Be Drank Again

Mountain Dew is one of the most favored modern drinks throughout the world, and its lovers even gain special appreciation and a kind of cult towards it.

However, the serious issue concerning this drink is the fact that it is regularly consumed, and people are not aware of its components and effects on the health.

Nevertheless, we should first consider its origins and changes over time. Its original formula was created in 1940 by Barney and Ally Hartman of Tennessee. Yet, a few changes were introduced by Bill Bridgforth 18 years later, and the Tip Corporation of Marion bought the right.

Moreover, Bill (William H. Jones) at the Tip Corporation has completely remade it and his final product was this modern Mountain Dew. The rights of this “Green monster” were sold to Pepsi-Cola in the 60s.
From then up until present day, Mountain dew is regularly consumed and has become one of the most popular drinks in the world!

For example, it is regularly consumed in the region of the Appalachian Mountains, and numerous studies have suggested that Central Appalachia is the country with the most toothless people!

This article’s aim is to share some important facts about the consumption of this drink in order to prevent the potential deterioration of your health. Mountain Dew has harmed and killed numerous people in the world, so you should not allow to be left uninformed and silently experience all its detrimental effects.

These 6 important facts will undoubtedly convince you to stop consuming Mountain dew:

1. Confusing Advertising

Let us first consider the powerful advertising that serves as a stimulus for consumers to buy it. Undoubtedly, powerful marketing phrases sell in an instant!

Moreover, they serve to remain in our head and subconsciously talk us into buying a new one again. Just remember the catchphrases of Red Bull (It gives you wings!), or M&M (they melt in your mouth). In this case, we are told that Mountain Dew is the “Game Fuel”. And we all need some energy fuel, don’t we?

This advertising trick makes numerous of gamers throughout the world regularly consume this drink. Gamers spend all their time playing video games, and drinking this drink! Tons of Mountain Dew are bought and consumed by hundreds of thousands of crazy gamers on a daily basis.

According to the Environmental Health News, these gamers play video games up to 12 hours a day, and they are constantly drinking sodas during that time.

Nevertheless, gamers are only a drop in the sea. Millions of other people daily drink Mountain Dew and are officially addicted to its flavor.

2. It is extremely acidic!

The National Institutes of Health and the US National Library of Medicine reported a rather devastating statistics concerning the acidity of this drink.

We were constantly told by our parents to avoid a battery as it is too acidic, and its acidity is of pH 1. On the other hand, believe it or not, while Coke and Pepsi have an acidity of pH 2.5, this popular drink has pH of 3! So, what do you think is wise to do with this popular drink?

3. It Contains GMO Products

Normally, since it produces it, Pepsi must reassure you that the consumption of Mountain dew is completely safe, and that its content full of dangerous chemicals are not harmful to your health.

However, it is always better to see and decide for yourself. Here, we give you the list of the contents of this drink:

GMO corn and soy
BVO (which is banned in EU and Japan)
Sodium benzoate (this preservative has a strong reaction to vitamin C in Dew and creates carcinogens)
Yellow dye (produced from coal tar)
Its creator claims that BVO is a safe item, approved by the FDA, and used in citrus-based beverages. Moreover, according to Pepsi, all their products are completely safe, as they are produced under governmental guidelines. Yet, note that these guidelines are set and controlled by former workers in these corporations.

4. It Harms Your Reproductive System

It has been claims on numerous occasions that the consumption of Mountain Dew can shrink the manhood. Indeed, this may not be completely relevant, but facts say that it has certain impact.

Namely, your hormones can be imbalanced by the Mountain Dew containers. In other words, BPA is found in the linings of the cans and bottles of Mountain Dew, with the aim to prevent the container from being destroyed by the acidity of the drink.

Additionally, research has shown that this compound can directly affect the fertility rate and can lead to numerous serious complications, including:

Reproductive system cancers
Cardiovascular disease
Thyroid dysfunction
Changes in the beta cells in pancreas


5. Long- Term Harmful Effects
If we consider all the above- written facts, we can say that there is no doubt that Mountain dew is a silent killer. However, it does not directly kill consumers, and instead causes various chronic diseases, such as cancers and obesity which lead to death. So, this is not just another type of soda, is it?
It is a fact that it contains too hazardous chemicals and ingredients which should have never been used in a product intended for consumption!

6. Even Pepsi Admits It
It is normal that even after reading the article, you still remain skeptical and not believe a word said. You may even suspect the findings of researchers in the numerous studies concerning this drink. But, what if the Pepsi Corporation itself admits it?
Namely, there was an interesting lawsuit regarding the components of this famous drink. In 2012, Ronald Ball discovered something jelly- like in his Mountain Dew drink, and when he poured out the content, the rest of his drink looked like dissolving mouse!
Logically enough, he sued Pepsi Co and provided this proof.
Believe it or not, Pepsi responded by admitting that during the bottling- consumption period, the mouse had ‘dissolved’ and turned into the jelly-like thing that Ball found.

Do you still like the flavor of Mountain dew?
Remember, you cannot leave the control over your own well- being in other people’s hands! It is not easy to start a war against large corporations, but you can start a battle to preserve your own health!
Namely, you can simply avoid all products that contain harmful chemicals, as they offer nothing nutritious for you. Instead, prepare your own homemade organic juices, or you can simply drink water!

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Source/ Reference: www.healthandlovepage.com
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