Frankincense Oil: Good for Immunity And Destroys Cancer Cells !

Frankincense oil has been known for its potential health benefits. These include:
– Minimizes Inflammation
– Improves immunity
– Prevents dangerous infections

It has also been used as an aromatherapuetic for ages.
Frankincense oil is extracted from the Boswellia trees, which are usually found in Africa, the Middle East and India. Since it possesses so many health benefits it has been used as a part of natural therapy for many years. But something that is unknown about the oil is that it has great anti-cancerous properties.

A study in Leicester University in UK revealed that it contained a compound called acetyl-11-keto-beta-boswellic acid (AKBA). AKBA is considered to be potentially anti-cancerous, as it triggers cancer cells and destroys them without harming any of the healthy cells. This study goes on to establish frankincense oil as a potential cure for ovarian cancer and also for cancers that are in the advanced stages.

It was also reaffirmed in another study which found that found that the compounds in the oil could distinguish between healthy cells and cancer cells. And what was remarkable was that the oil was able to force cancer cells to self destruct, in a process known as apoptosis. While the oil was tested on bladder cells, it is known to suppress malignant tissues of breast, colon, lung, brain, stomach and prostate cancers.

Now, researches are branding frankincense oil as a natural treatment for cancer. Conventional treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy cause substantial damage to healthy cells. Frankincense’s property of being able to identify the cancer cells means that it is now being considered as a possible supplement or even replacement for conventional cancer treatment.

This is crucial when considering certain types of cancer like brain cancer. When the patients experience a swelling in their brain (cerebral edema) during treatment for brain cancer, they are treated with corticosteroids (dexamethasone), which helps in minimizing the swelling.
For example, brain cancer patients who experience cerebral edema (swelling of the brain) after the radiation are treated with corticosteroids (dexamethasone) to control the swelling. The after effects of this drug include headaches, migraines and spouts of blurred vision.
The findings of a clinical trial study that was conducted in 2011, was published in the Cancer journal, which highlighted the effects of frankincense oil on the swelling of the brain. More than 60% of the patients saw a 75% reduction in the swelling due to the effects of frankincense oil. Now researchers are recommending using frankincense oil as a substitute for corticosteroids, when the patient is undergoing radiation treatment.
Here are some of the other benefits of this oil:

1. Anti-inflammatory properties:
It contains potential anti-inflammatory properties which can decrease joint & muscle pain, which accompany arthritis, digestive problems and asthma.
2. Improves immunity:
The oil contains antiseptic properties and helps improve the immune system. Phythotherapy published a research where several levels of immune system were stimulated by the oil.
3. Anti-anxiety:
The oil mimics the actions of a sedative, providing a feeling of relief, satisfaction and relaxation. It is also found to reduce anger & stress.
4. Skin Care:
Frankincense oil boosts regeneration of cells. This contributes in clearer skin, reversing aging skin. It is also useful in stopping gum bleeding, fixing wounds and makes hair stronger.
So, how to consume this miracle oil? It is recommended that the oil is consumed orally and the best recommended dosage a few drops added to food or beverages. It should be consumed atleast two or three times a day.

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