Hair Mask For a Thick and Beautiful Hair: Cheap Ingredients, Shiny Effect (Video)

Repeat the procedure once or twice a week, for at least two months …
If you want a thick and beautiful hair, try the following recipe. It is a completely natural method for stimulating hair growth. It is worth a try.
  1. Two tablespoons of castor oil
  2. An egg yolk
  3. One tablespoon honey
Mix all the above ingredients. Stir with a fork.
Apply the resulting mixture at the ends of the hair at first, and apply the rest on the entire hair. Gather your hair into a bun and put a shower cap (you can also use a plain bag).
Keep the mask on the head from 2 to 4 hours. Wash it as usually – with a shampoo and conditioner.
Repeat the procedure once or twice a week, for at least two months.
Watch the Video:
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