How To Use A Frozen Lemon To Fight Malignant Tumors In The Body

The consumption of fruits and vegetables of all kinds has long been associated with a reduced risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions.
Lemons are one of the most beneficial fruits, with a wide variety of uses.

It seems that some lemon variant, whether lemon water, lemonade or lemon tea, is the basic ingredient in every detox recipe. However, you may not be aware that by juicing your lemons, you’re wasting so many beneficial compounds. Today, we will show you that by freezing them, you will enjoy the most of their benefits!
Namely, the lemon peel has an enormous amount of health benefits, such as lowering cholesterol, boosting your immune system and even preventing cancer.
Moreover, their peels have anti-microbial properties which make them able to protect against bacterial and fungal infections, as they fight against internal parasites and worms.
The consumption of lemons can offer numerous health benefits, including:
  • Fighting inflammation
  • Preventing asthma
  • High blood pressure regulation
  • Killing harmful bacteria
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Lowering stroke risk
  • Detoxification of your kidneys and liver
  • Fighting depression and stress
  • Combating Cancer
Lemon and cancer
Apart from the Vitamin C found in lemon juice, which is already a very well known alternative cancer treatment, the lemon peel can also provide a number of benefits, one of the most important being that lemon peel can help to eradicate toxins in your body.
Scientists have tried to discover whether the lemon is the powerful tool against cancer for decades.
Numerous studies have found that the extract of lemon effectively kills malignant cells in various kinds of cancers, like lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer. Some of them also state that lemons can be even more effective than chemotherapy, as they act in a safe and healthy way. Namely, the studies show that lemon extract therapy has a result only on malignant cells, while it does not affect healthy cells.
The peel of the lemon is extremely beneficial. It contains 5 to 10 times more vitamins than the lemon juice itself.
Actually, Dr. Marilyn Glenville, a nutritionist and expert on women’s health, says that eating various fruit peels are beneficial to our health. She told BBC food:
 “Most of the antioxidants contained in fruit are found within the peel or the pith rather than in the pulp itself.”
Moreover, she adds:
“It’s better to make a smoothie than a juice, because you can whip everything up including the skin, and you’re not discarding anything in terms of nutrient content.”
However, since citrus fruits have a quite bitter taste, they may not be the best option for smoothies. In fact, we will now show you a way to get the most out of your lemon, and that is, to freeze it!
At first, you need to wash and disinfect the fruit with a little apple cider vinegar, rinse and dry it.
Place it in the freezer and leave it overnight. Once fully firm, remove from the fridge and grate its pulp, peel and seeds. For future use, you can store the frozen lemon in an ice cube tray.
Prepared thus, the lemon peel can be added to your soup, yogurt, pasta sauce, salad, ice cream, smoothie, juice or tea, and all kinds of meals, and it will provide a really special flavor!
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