Natural Cancer Killer 10,000 x Stronger Than Chemotherapy

Graviola or also known as soursop is an evergreen plant that grow in North and South America and now it can be found in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Caribbean Islands. Ancient societies used Graviola leaves for tea, which was used in healing liver problems and diabetes. People in Africa still use this plant as an analgesic and therapy for fever in children.
In the last couple of months the media was full with data about this powerful anti-cancer agent. Specialists claim that this plant is stronger than chemotherapy. It doesn’t damage the healthy cells and kills the cancer cells.
Some recent studies demonstrated that Graviola is 10,000 more powerful than chemotherapy. If it is used properly the soursop doesn’t have damaging impact on the organism. It eliminates cancer cells and saves the healthy body cells and creates normal body function.
But, we have to mention that soursop is still in the beginning of many researches and examinations. It can be found as a supplement as well, and you have to consult your doctor about the daily doses you should take. However, we do believe that further studies will approve the strong anti-cancer potential of the soursop, and bring hope to those who suffer from this 21 century plaque.
The soursop is rich in vitamins and minerals and also in many nutrients which have many health benefits on your body, and the entire herb has healing power, its root and the fruit
In treating cancer, soursop acts on several levels
  • It kills the cancer cells, but saves the healthy cells and doesn’t cause any dangerous side effects
  • Protects the immunity and prevents from deadly infections
  • Establishes normal function of the body organs
  • Increases vital energy and positive attitude in our life
In some laboratory tests conducted by a U.S. pharmaceuticals manufacturer was found that Graviola extract destroys cancer cells in 12 cancer types, including colon, breast, lung, pancreatic and prostate cancer.
Different than conventional cytostatic drugs, soursop successfully kills cancer and does not harm healthy cells.
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