Research Proving Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells Safely Has Been Suppressed Since 1974

The Medical College of Virginia was funded by the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in 1974, with the aim to provide evidence that cannabis can impede the immune system and can destroy brain cells. In fact, this research was triggered by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) under the Nixon administration as a weapon against pot smokers, and a way to justify their imprisonment.

Nevertheless, regardless of their aim, researchers actually found some quite interesting facts related to cannabis. Their examination discovered that, on the contrary, the only cells that were destroyed were the cancer ones, and the immune system was actually strengthened. Of course, these findings put an end on these studies.

As DEA ordered, the research was cancelled, and all the related documentation was destroyed.  Moreover, in 1976, the president Gerald Ford ended all studies concerning cannabis, except for the one by Big Pharma, which aimed at creating synthetic THC.

Several years later, in 1983, the Reagan administration urged other college research centers who did not allow copying of the Virginia research documents to destroy them. This was almost the complete destruction of the data linked to the ability of cannabis to cure cancer.

Furthermore, there were two attempts by the Virginia medical college to get research grants for further inquiry into cannabis’ healing power in 1996 and 2006, but they were both rejected. Also, the mainstream media did not pay any attention to their 1974 research, except for a short mention in the Local Section of the Washington Post.

Thus, the documents concerning this research were almost completely destroyed and unreachable. Namely, scientists involved in the Spain’s huge breakthrough study of cannabis TCH cannabinoid effects on cancer in 2000, were simply unable to find them.
Dr. Manual Guzman, the lead researcher in this Madrid’s study commented: “I am aware of the existence of that research. In fact I have attempted many times to obtain the journal article on the original investigation by these people, but it has proven impossible.”
Namely, this was at the time when an independent investigative journalist somehow managed to get copies of the documents from a California university and faxed them over, but the research was already finished.

Yet, the mainstream media again ignored the findings of this revolutionary study on rats. It actually proved the efficacy of cannabis oil on reducing brain cancer tumors in rats. Furthermore, it tested healthy rats with THC, and proved that it had no harmful effects on normal brain tissues.

Probably many of you still remember the whole Golgotha that Rick Simpson passed on his way to show that cannabis oil can actually cure various cancers? He got more favorably objective TV media coverage in Canada in 1999, when he was trying to focus everyone’s attention towards the potential of cannabis oil to cure cancer.

Namely, this man tried to share his own experience, as well as the testimonies of many of the patients from his town about the miraculous power of cannabis.
He even tried to get a court approval to use it in the treatment of cancer a few times, but at the end, he learnt his lesson: Apparently, the cancer industry did not want to reveal or use the cancer cure.

After curing his own skin cancer, as well as his neurological post- concussion disorder which resulted from a head injury, and was even aggravated by the medicines, Rick helped a lot of people from his hometown. Namely, he grew the hemp on his land, made the cannabis oil, and gave it to people who needed it without asking for money. His method helped many people heal their health issues, including lung cancer, even when the conventional medicine failed to give results.

Afterwards, he moved to Amsterdam, and now he travels around the world, spreading the word about the miraculous cancer cure.

Testimonies and Independent Studies Concerning Cancer And Cannabis Oil
The majority of you have already seen or read something related to this subject and the numerous testimonies about the cannabis oil treatments of cancer. Even though the media would intentionally hide it, you can all browse the Net and examine some independent surveys, and find some new data. There have been many anecdotal recoveries from terminal cancer recorded by people in their 80s.

According to numerous studies and extensive research, experts have found that cannabis is both effective and safe. Namely, it was found that it encourages apoptosis on tumor cancer cells, which is a cellular programmed cell death (PCD) that’s part of the normal reduction of cells and their replacement with new ones.

Yet, cancer cells don’t do apoptosis, but they simply grow. Also, cannabinoids were also proven to restrict angiogenesis, which is use by tumors to develop blood vessels that supply glucose for their metabolism.

Therefore, the findings pointed out that cannabis urges apoptosis to kill cancer cells and constraints angiogenesis to reduce their food supplies. Moreover, just as found in the Madrid study, and in numerous others, it does not harm healthy cells, unlike the conventional oncology’s procedures.

It is easily tenable that cancer patients do not die as a result of their disease directly, but by the procedures they undergo in the treatments. Nevertheless, that is something which is not allowed to be revealed in public and is hidden as a secret for a long time by the Medical Mafia.
Cannabis treatments- warning
Before you decide to undergo any kind of alternative cancer procedure or treatment, remember that you need to incorporate new habits and changes in the lifestyle in order to obtain the desired results.  Moreover, keep in mind that the best approach is to ingest cannabis oils or pastes. You can also use a vaporizer or “vaping”, but smoking is the least effective method.

We will now suggest a video which tells the story of a baby who was cured of brain cancer in only 8 months, without being subjected to surgery, radiation, or chemo. The video contains all needed documentation and brain scans. The baby consumed cannabis oil via his pacifier, and after a couple of months, the pediatric oncologist cancelled all scheduled treatments that would harm the baby, and called him “a miracle baby”.
Once more, the media somehow disregarded this story, and it was published only in the Huffington Post.
Even nowadays, the situation is still not too different from then, the mainstream media keeps ignoring these studies and any findings concerning the subject. Currently, the Israeli government funds two major clinical studies and treatments on people with cannabis for several different diseases in two large hospitals in Israel, Sheba and Abarbanel.

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