Target Goes Organic And Pulls Major Processed Brands Off The Shelves -

Target is embracing organic food and saying goodbye to a lot of the crap.

Target has been getting more into the grocery game in recent years and in doing so, is stirring things up.

CEO Brian Cornell, who was hired in August 2014 to boost sales, developed a strategy that promotes and focuses on a health-food approach as opposed to your standard pre-packaged, mass-produced food.  As a result, big brands and colorful logos will be taking a back seat to natural and organic foods.  That is to say, they won’t be completely gone, just less in-your-face than what we may be used to.  So perhaps there will be fewer creepy eyeballs enticing your children to eat pure sugar for breakfast every morning: 

Clearly Target isn’t motivated by altruism here.  Consumers are demanding healthier food and other stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are showing that people are willing to spend more for these options.  The market is there and Target is seizing the opportunity, and as Take Apart points out, sales for these big brands in dropping.

Still, this is showing of a cultural shift toward health consciousness and how, with enough people uniting for a cause, it is possible to at least influence these big companies and brands.

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