The 10-Day Sugar Detox Diet (To Reset Your Body and Brain)

Americans are known to be ‘sugar babies’ -- we consume large amounts of sugar on a daily basis.
Now, I don’t mean we literally take refined sugar and chew it or swallow it down with a bottle of our beverage of choice; but that is actually what we do basically.

Our eating habits have contributed to this, fast food now translates to fast weight gain and increased propensity to being overweight, having diabetes and high blood pressure.
Studies show that the average American consumes about 152 pounds of sugar yearly.
When you put this in proper perspective it is equivalent to about 22 teaspoons of refined sugar per day for the average adult. For kids that is about 34 teaspoons per day, this is alarming isn’t it especially when you consider that it is estimated that 1 in 4 teenagers in America are pre-diabetic.
It is also common knowledge that the average American man weighs an incredible 196 pounds while his female counterpart weighs on average about 167 pounds. It wasn’t always like this though as studies have further shown that way back in the ‘60s the average male weighed in at 167 pounds (what the average female weighs today) while the averageAmerican woman weighed 141 pounds.
Is sugar consumption addictive?
It has been ascertained by Harvard scientists that consuming large amounts of sugar daily by way of foods like fast food increases the sugar craving centers in the brain and further increasing the need for sugary food. The body also acts like a cocaine addict on withdrawal when it is starved of sugar as the bacteria built up in the body that feed on this sugar makes the body react, in some cases violently to a lack of sugar in the body at any point in time.
The Dr. Mark Hyman 10 day diet tip
Mark Hyman, M.D. came up with a 10 day diet for 600 individuals and they amazingly lost a combined total of 4,000 pounds in just 10 days using his special diet tip.
The diet created by Dr. Mark Hyman consists of food aimed at reversing your sugar addiction. That urge to consume sugar laced foods will be quenched and you can live a healthy lifestyle.
The 10 day diet tip
Take the first step
You have to decide if you need to cut down on your sugar or not. Dr. Hyman usually starts his diet course with a questionnaire. Your response to any of the questions will determine whether you need to detox or not.
Liquid sugar is worse than solid sugar intake
Dr. Hyman says that any liquid form of sugar calories is worse than solid food with contain sugar or flour. According to him the sugar goes straight to the liver rather than being digested in the stomach as with solid food. Today the highest source of sugar calories in people’s diet is in sodas, soft drinks, sports drink, coffee and sweetened tea. Just remember that a single can of soft drink taken a day can increase a woman’s risk of being type 2 diabetic by 80 percent as well as a child’s risk of obesity by an alarming 60 percent.
Just stop
You will have to stop taking flour products, eating sugar in whatever form they come and taking drinks with artificial sweeteners. For 10 days you will eat fresh food, natural food and stop taking fast food for that period. Processed food slows down your metabolism, they increase your cravings and your body tends to store the fat which could lead to clogged up arteries.
Eat vegetables
Eat lots of vegetables; the best part is you can eat as much as you want. Vegetables are carbohydrates but avoid starchy vegetables like Irish and sweet potatoes, winter squash and beets. Make greens, artichokes, green beans, zucchini, peppers, kale, cauliflower, mushrooms, tomatoes, and asparagus for 10 days and see the difference to your health.
Have a protein diet
A high carbohydrate diet is the chief source of increased blood sugar; protein helps to balance this blood sugar level as well as maintain the insulin levels in the body.  You can have for breakfast – eggs and a protein shake. Try out fish, chicken, nuts, seeds, beans and beef as a regular diet. Protein breaks down slower than carbohydrates, but gives you the energy you need approximately between 4 and 6 ounces at a single sitting and the best part is you will fill full longer than carbs.
Use fat to combat sugar
Contrary to the belief that fat makes you fat it actually doesn’t. It only makes you full, but its benefits include helping with cellular growth and balancing your blood sugar. Eat nuts, coconut butter, fish, extra virgin olive oil and seeds which are all rich in good fat.
Carry an life saver pack
When your craving is up just reach out and grab your life saver home prepared pack. This pack should consist of vegetables, fat rich food and proteins. This will help you avoid a quick dash into a fast food restaurant for a soda and hamburger.
Suppress inflammation
By eating less sugar based foods and more fat, protein and vegetables in 10 days you will suppress inflammation in your body which was caused by sugar rich foods. This inflammation causes blood sugar imbalance and type 2 diabetes because of insulin increased resistance.
Sleep well
It is recommended that the human body needs a minimum of 8 hours of sleep per day. In a study of this important fact some college students were given only 6 hours of sleep, it was observed that there was a rise in their appetite for sugar and carbs as well as in their hunger hormones and there was a decrease in their appetite – suppressing hormones. So the result of the study was that sleep is a very good way of combating cravings.
Take deep breathes
The stress hormone in the body – cortisol can make you feel hungry. It can also lead to type 2 diabetes and cause belly fat storage in a person. Studies have shown that by taking deep breathes you can activate the vagus nerve. It is this nerve that shifts the body’s metabolism from fat storage to fat burning. This will ease your stress and make you feel relaxed and calm. Dr. Hyman recommends that you take five deep breathes in and five out (exhale) in sets of five. You should try this before every meal for maximum effect.
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