“There Is Another Way” – Man Refuses Surgery & Chemo & Cures His Bladder Cancer With These…

Trevor Smith was 52 when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer stage T2a, meaning that the tumor has grown into the inner half of the muscle layer. The majority of doctors were not optimistic at all, and he was advised to do the following three conventional cancer treatments:  surgery to remove his prostate, bladder and lymph nodes, chemotherapy and radiation.
However, what his doctors didn’t inform him was the fact that they expected him to live only 2 or 2.5 years after the surgery (it was said to be up to 2 years if he refused treatment). His wife, Carol Smith, also pointed out that he would have been incontinent for up to a year and impotent after the treatment.
Nevertheless, as she explains in her post at Cure Your Own Cancer, his wife was not satisfied with the options her husband was given, so she decided to do a little research on her own. Carol started investigating cancer, treatment options and all additional info related to the subject, with the aim to save her husband’s life.
 She writes:
Fear is a terrible thing, and fear is ripe when we hear the word Cancer. Our belief system does not have to be locked. We can open up our minds to think for ourselves, inform ourselves and learn to not just accept our ‘fate.’”
Namely, when the couple informed the oncologist and urologist that they decided to research alternative treatments before making a final decision, the doctors started rushing them to decide, and even had a surgery date scheduled. Nevertheless, Carol took the time they needed to find out all that could possibly save the situation.
Carol found a naturopathic doctor which helped them throughout the whole way: monitoring blood tests and helping to correctly incorporate proper diet, supplements and vitamins into Trevor’s treatment plan. Trevor continued to monitor his health with conventional tests, like MRIs, in order to be certain that there was some improvement due to the natural treatments.
As a supplementation, Carol found a perfect herbal treatment for Trevor. It was Essiac tea, otherwise called ancient Canadian Ojibway Indian herbal formula”, which is a natural herbal treatment made from Burdock Root, Slippery Elm Inner Bark, Sheep Sorrel and Indian Rhubarb Root.
Moreover, the diet of Trevor needed substantial changes. He needed to eliminate sugar, dairy, white flour, white potatoes, and all processed food completely from his meals. Hence, his diet was now based on plants, with very little chicken and fish.  Also, he started taking a detoxification supplement and DHEA (a hormone that comes from the adrenal gland), as well as big doses of vitamins C, D3, B17 and K2.
Eventually, after watching the movie “Run from the Cure,” a documentary about medicinal hemp oil, Trevor’s wife decided to add cannabis oil to his treatment.
According to Derby Telegraph, Trevor said:  “It felt like I was going into the unknown, but the cannabis oil changed things for the better. When doctors told me I had gone into remission, I was lost for words.”
Finally, Trevor succeeded to combat cancer and was cancer-free at the time of writing of Carol’s post (August 2014). Also, Trevor had his bladder 19 months after the original diagnosis.

 Carol adds:
“[It] is shocking that we are led to believe that there is no cure for Cancer; our story is living proof there is another way, and I am now consumed with only getting the word out that Cancer does not need to mean death.”
The whole procedure, successful treatments and recovery methods used in the case of Trevor are explained in the book “Taking Control.” Carol wrote the book under pseudonym Alyssia Sade and called her husband Perry.

Studies Done on Cannabis Oil
Newest and older studies constantly struggle to discover, or prove the efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of cancer and its ability to reverse cancer. Namely, there has been mounting evidence that tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis and other compounds (cannabinoids) are able to induce death of cancer cells.

Cannabinoids were considered to be “a new class of anticancer drugs that retard cancer growth, inhibit angiogenesis and the metastatic spreading of cancer cells” by a report “Mini-Reviews” in Medicinal Chemistry.
In addition, in 2006, The British Journal of Cancer that THC and other cannabinoids inhibit tumor growth.

Another 2006 clinical trial published in the British Journal of Pharmacology also found that THC helped in the reduction of the spreading of tumor cells in every case. THC was also found to reduce the tumor spreading by Harvard scientists.
However, although these and numerous others studies touch on a few essential concepts, there is still much work to be done. It is possible that nature has designed the perfect medicine that fits exactly with our own immune system of receptors and signaling metabolites, in order to provide rapid and complete immune response for systemic integrity and metabolic homeostasis.

Currently, there is an ongoing research on the effects of cannabis oil and the process of gathering evidence will eventually show whether it can effectively reverse cancer effects.

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