This garden grows 20k lbs of fish and 70k vegetables without pesticides, soil, or even water.

This garden has no need for pesticides, soil, or even water to grow food. In addition, it can hold 20,000 lbs of fish and grow 70,000 vegetables!

As TrueActivist has written about before, a staggering amount of food is wasted on a global scale. Believe it or not, 1/3 of all food produced in the world is thrown away – even though 795 million people go to bed hungry every evening.

At present, it’s not really an issue of growing enough food (though large-scale agricultural methods are definitely doing more damage to the environment than good, and will need to be remedied soon), but disbursing it and lessening waste, without letting economic greed get in the way.

Thanks to a revolutionary aquaponic system, there is definitely hope.

As shared in the video above, a 5 foot x 40-foot aquaponic unit may be the solution to feeding the increasing global population. The unit is capable of feeding 8 adults all year long “forever,” with less than an hour a day needed for maintenance. 

Amazingly, this garden – which can be utilized year-round – has no need for pesticides, soil, or even water to grow the food. And, it can hold 20,000 lbs of fish and grow 70,000 vegetables!
This technology has definite potential to transform the food industry and positively impact lives.

What is Aquaponics? 

Aquaponics is a symbiotic farming model that combines two different techniques to provide water and nutrients to plants in a unique way. As the name implies, the method merges aquaculture with a hydroponic system. 
Aquaculture is the technique of raising aquatic animals in tanks while hydroponics is a system of growing plants inside of water.

Both systems work so well together because the fish actually provide nutrients and nitrogen-fixing bacteria for the hydroponic system, which helps the plants to grow. 

In this revolutionary system, plants grow faster and healthier than most traditional farming methods. And did we mention the technology is easy to maintain and can feed eight adults for a year, ‘forever’?

If every household doesn’t have one of these systems in the future, then every community will need to manage at least one aquaponic farm to provide biodynamic, locally grown food. This is the technology needed to sustain the ever-increasing global population.

Not to mention, if people play a role in growing and maintaining their own food, they will likely waste less. Of course, food companies will always strive to prepare ready-made and packaged meals, but self-subsistence is a necessary course for Earth’s inhabitants if the planet is to be lived on sustainably and waste – in all ways – be reduced. 

As Upriser shares, this technique is not a new invention, but a method of growing food used by cultures such as the Aztecs and earlier civilization in American and throughout Asia.

However, the importance of this modern technology cannot be overstated. Learn more at PortableFarms

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