This Guy Bought A Dog Proof Food Box To Keep The Dog Food In. But A Hidden Camera Caught THIS!

If you like seeing dog owners get owned by their own dogs, then you’re going to like this one.
It’s amazing when dog owners go out and buy some expensive looking contraption to prevent a type of misbehavior from the dog, and then it takes like 10 seconds for the dog to figure the thing out! Case in point is this owner who thought he had the perfect solution for preventing his dog from getting into the food. It’s a so called “dog-proof” container which stores food and prevents dogs from getting inside. I sure hope they guarantee that claim because this owner is going to be returning this item for sure!
Hilarious how this dog totally figures it out, and with a little effort and some smarts he unlocks the container in less than a minute! Awesome to see a dog beat a supposed “dog-proof” item!
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