This Test Will Only Take 60 Seconds: You Only Need A Teaspoon To Determine If Your Internal Organs Are Sick

All you need to do is to scrape a bit of buildup from the surface of your tongue, using a spoon. 

you will only need a plastic bag and a spoon.
In this way, you can check if the respiratory system, intestines, hormones, metabolism, kidney or teeth are in the best condition.
All you have to do is to scrape a little buildup from the surface of the tongue, using a spoon. While doing so, remember that you to take a sample (deposit) that is closer to your throat.

Then, wrap the spoon in the plastic bag and let it stand for 60 seconds under a strong, light bulb. The strong light from the bulb helps to develop bacteria, the stronger the light, the better the result.
In a healthy person, the deposits will remain clean. If there is a strange color and odor, it can be an early sign of a problem with the lungs and the respiratory tract, kidneys, intestines or hormones.
If you get such a result, it is desirable to visit a doctor to see if and where there is a problem.
Moreover, this test can reveal whether you have a bad breath, a problem that many people are unaware of. Simply smell the saliva. If there is a smell reminiscent of ammonia, you may have a problem with the kidneys. If it has a fruity odor, it can be a metabolic disorder, or ketoacidosis.
In any case, do not panic right away, odor does not necessarily mean a disease of the internal organs. It could be a problem with your teeth, cavities or broken teeth.
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