He Soaked His New Samsung S6 in a Vessel Filled With Coca Cola: You Will Not Believe What Happened After 1 Minute!

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with an amazing waterproof feature previously took on by Sony Xperia gaining significant amount of success.
This time Samsung also tried to infuse this feature in their new model for the convenience of people who suffer from mobile damage as the phones are not waterproof.One YouTube user decided to test this feature and to how much extent it can resist damage.
Previously he tried it with water. And he came out with expected results as the mobile phone was still working well except the buttons which gave up during the test.This time he replaced the water by a Coca Cola bottle.He took a vessel and submerged the same mobile phone completely into the drink and waited for 2 minutes.
Meanwhile he was continuously moving the phone around in the water and occasionally watching if it’s working or not.At 2:04, he took out the phone and cleaned it up.
Watch video to know the results!!
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