How Alkaline Water Kills Cancer Cells And How To Prepare It

The world has gone crazy for alkaline water. It is believed that alkaline water flushes out toxins, enhances metabolism and kills off cancer cells. Most of the research based on the subject has been conducted in Japan, but it is still discussed whether alkaline water works for people in the rest of the world. Japanese have the longest life span than any other nation.

This article will help you learn how to make your own alkaline water and all you need is 3 simple ingredients. Alkaline water destroys cancer, and it also supports a healthy body system. Consider making it today and wake up healthier tomorrow morning.

PH values stands for the acidity and alkalinity of everything that surrounds you. For instance, pure rain water has a pH value of 7, and it is considered to be neutral. Every value below 7 is considered acidic, and values over 7 mark an alkaline environment.

though every bit around you has its own pH value, human body cannot be considered as a whole. Every tissue and organ in your body has its own pH value.

What makes alkaline water good for you?

Having a glass of alkaline water is of essential importance, and that is a great thing to do to your body. Human body is about 80% water, and pH values harm your health same as any ailment.

Modern diet and fancy foods make your body acidic. Fried and greasy foods may taste good for you, but your body does not agree on this one. Drowning yourself in alcohol, refined sugar and salt, caffeine, processed foods and salt cannot do you good. Acidic bodies are easy to notice. Poor immunity, headaches, fatigue and severe abdomial pain are just some of the indications that your body is overly acidic.

Overly alkaline environment is not good as well. Having a too acidic or too alkaline body makes your healthy cells toxic, and eventually they die off. Such imbalance destroys your organs and inhibits their function.

Cancer cells cannot live in an alkaline body

Alkaline water is super powerful. Your body has its own surveillance system that is held as responsible for its pH values. It removes strong acidic remains without affecting healthy cells.

But, this may really harm your health. By drinking alkaline water you hydrate your tissues and your body shall function better. Once alkaline water gets inside your body, it hydrates its tissues and enhances your general health.

How to make your own alkaline water?


1 tsp Himalayan salt
2l purified water
1 organic lemon, sliced

Fill a larger jar with water. Make sure it is clean and filtered. Throw in your lemon slices, and make sure you do not lose any of the juice. Stir in a teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt. Seal the jar and let it rest overnight. Room temperature works fine. Next morning, drink 3 glasses of your alkaline water. Remember, you should do this before you eat or drink anything.

Alkaline water restores the pH balance in your body. Make it today, and your body will be more than grateful.

The AlkaPitcher will give your alkaline water instantly. It is a brand new product on the market, so you may want to try it. It is a cost-effective way to filter and alkalize your water.

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