If You Get One Of These 4 Headaches, Eliminate The Pain Immediately Like This

Headaches may influence your entire day, or even more. However, if you learn the differences between headache types, you will more easily cure them and feel relief. At times, you cannot even specify the reason for the headache, and it has already started your day.
Sometimes it may be due to hangover, or a result of too much time in front of the computer.
However, the pains in the head can be warning signs for so many things, some very dangerous! Therefore, knowing the signs of each type of headache can potentially save your life, and it can definitely help you figure out how to alleviate them.
In general, headaches are nothing to worry about, they are simply a result of dehydration, or allergies or clogged sinuses. Yet, at times they can be more, and it’s good to know how to track them in order to find the appropriate solution.
Knowing what different types of headaches mean could really help save your life. Always be careful if you notice headache-related changes in vision, digestion, mood, neck tension and irritability.
This article will help you determine the type of headache you are experiencing, and the way to alleviate it:
Morning headache
If you’re waking up with a strong headache, then it may be a condition that you need to check. Waking up with a headache isn’t normal and can be an indicator of some pretty serious health issues, such as severe high blood pressure, sleep apnea and brain tumors.
The National Headache Foundation states that, “Serious diseases may cause early morning awakening headaches. These diseases may include brain tumors, sleep apnea, and severe high blood pressure.”
If you want to get rid of morning headache you have to correct your sleeping position and adjust your mattress and pillow accordingly. You should make your sleeping environment as relaxed and comfortable as possible and work out a regular sleeping pattern. Also you shoud reduce daily caffeine intake, especially before going to bed. And the last thing you should do is to hydrate the body. Drink 8 glasses of water every day.
Cluster Headache
This is probably one of the worst pains in the head you have ever experienced. Therefore, doctors even literally call it  “The Worst Headache Of Your Life”. Their reason is vague, but in most cases, they strike in one part of the head and make it nearly impossible to live a normal life until the headache disappears.
One of the main reasons for cluster headache is stress. To treat cluster headache you will need really good night sleep (minimum 7-8 hours).
Doing exercise regularly is also really important to reverse cluster headache. After the exercise there is a remarkable increase in the amount of endorphin produced by the body.  Do some moderate exercise 3 times a week (limiting the session length to 45 minutes).
Thunderclap Headache
This is another serious type of headaches. It occurs suddenly, and that is the most complicated thing about them. Moreover, they come along with a very intense pain. It can be a sign of many serious health problems, such as a subarachnoid hemorrhage, which can be life-threatening.
You can treat thunderclap headache with this one great homemade remedy:
Add a tablespoon of turmeric in a glass of milk and drink twice a day. Turmeric acts as a pain killer and helps alleviate pain.
Also blood pressure control is really important. Make sure to include garlic, bell pepper and onions in your diet, reduce the salt intake and increase the intake of calcium. These few things are really important if you want to treat and get rid of thunderclap headache.
Tension headaches
These headaches occur when you feel that your head is going to just give you a big “nope” and keep you aching in the dark with a bucket. Some people risk head injury for a living and though this is a fact of life, pain needs to be monitored to prevent the development of more serious issues.
However, it is not our intention to scare you, since we just inform you about things which, if experienced, should mean that it is advisable to visit your doctor. Nevertheless, you should pay more attention to your health condition if you notice headache-related changes in vision, digestion, mood, neck tension and irritability.
Below is the video where you can check the solution for how to get rid of tension headache in a very short time:

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