She Dumped Him Because He’s Cheap And Poor. Many Years Later… Big Regret!

Women have different standards when it comes to their lovers; some women want handsome, faithful, loving guys.
Some wanted her boyfriend to be smart, good looking, responsible while others want their future husband to be wealthy and rich.
Perhaps other women feel that a man should be stable enough to be able to provide for her future family and be able to have a comfortable life.
There’s nothing wrong with setting up high standards for a good reason, but a person should not insult someone or force someone he is not just to meet one’s standards most especially for selfish reasons.
Time is constant and change is inevitable. Life turns around; we can never tell our future. One day we’re happy the next day, we’re not. Some people are very poor now and in the future they are business tycoons. There are many inspiring stories of rags to riches or stories of failure and success.
Just like the man in this video who got dumped by his girl for being cheap and poor
The woman in the video was nagging the man, for being cheap and poor. She’s unhappy and disappointed because her boyfriend couldn’t provide for her. She broke up with him because he couldn’t provide for her needs and couldn’t event take her out on a date. After a couple of years, they accidentally saw each other at a mall. Find out what happened by watching the video below.
Watch the video Here:

Her last words before she broke up with him:

“If you can’t take care of my expenses and then that’s it, I’m breaking up with you. Don’t ever call me again, you’re worst than beggars. You will always stay a loser.”
This girl cares more about her image and material needs, she left her poor boyfriend.

Everything revolves and change is inevitable. Happiness can be gotten from a lot of ways not just through material things. We should always stay humble because all of us, no matter how hopeless the case is, would definitely shine when given a chance.
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