She Took The Blind Homeless Man's Sign And Changed Something. How Everyone Reacts Made Me Cry

Most of the time, people ignore the homeless who is asking for alms, if they aren't ignoring them, they are giving the smallest amount they could possibly donate. Homeless people often use signs to indicate their disability or to tell people what they're asking for. But what if those signs were changed into something better?

In this video, a blind homeless man was begging for alms along the street, but it was obvious that he's having a hard time.. While sitting on the floor, a sign was placed next to him. A sign that says "I'm blind. Please help"..

But then, this woman came. She picked up the sign of the man, took out a pen and changed the blind man'ssign.

While the woman was writing, the blind man was touching her toes and maybe the man was quite curious with what she's doing.

A few moments later, kept on giving alms to this blind man. Again, the man was confused by the sudden change. But one thing's for sure, he knew that everything happened because of what the woman did.

The woman who changed the sign, then came back and noticed that the man already earned more money than before.

The sign of the blind man that says "I'm blind. Please help" was changed by the woman to "It's a beautiful day and I can't see it."
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