This Is The Most Effective Folk Remedy For The Treatment Of Flu, Colds, Cough, Menstrual And Abdominal Pain

Today, we will reveal the recipe of a folk remedy that can successfully treat numerous health conditions, including influenza, common cough, colds, muscle soreness, inflammation, stomach and menstrual pain.

This remarkable natural remedy is completely safe for use , and provides even better results compared to many conventional drugs. Furthermore, you can use it for children who are more prone to common illnesses, since it does not damage the system.
Yet, the entire treatment is extremely easy. All you need to soak a cotton ball in 50% alcohol. Then, squash the excess alcohol and apply the cotton ball over your belly button. In order to secure it, you can cover the cotton ball with a cloth, bandage or a plastic bag.
Apart from being extremely beneficial in the case of pain, this old folk remedy can provide fantastic results in the case of tense muscles, since it can effectively relax them.
This treatment offers great results in the case of menstrual pain. All you need to do is to lie down and gently press the cotton ball on the belly button. The same method will help you alleviate your abdominal pain, and will prevent travel sickness.
Furthermore, if you want to improve its effectiveness, you can also sprinkle some salt on the cotton ball.
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