(VIDEO) 3 Minute Exercises To Iron Out The Wrinkles Around Your Lips And Cheeks

Nothing feels worse than waking up in the morning and noticing that extra wrinkle that wasn’t there yesterday. You feel like you’re getting old and your face is here to prove it. Wrinkles are a normal symptom which happens as we get older, our skin loosens and the 50 muscles in our face begin to look droopy and saggy. Corrective surgery is expensive and even though it may artificially tighten the skin, 
there is an easier and pain-free way to tighten your muscles from within, which won\’t cost you a penny.
There is a completely free way to get rid of the most persistent wrinkles on your face – the ones around your lips and cheeks. If you don’t like wasting money on Botox shots and expensive face creams filled with harmful chemicals try out these simple 3 minute exercises to tighten the skin around the troubled areas. These face gymnastics should be performed in front of a mirror so that you can control your movements. If you are performing them correctly you should feel tension and stretching in your face muscles. If you aren’t feeling anything than you are doing them wrong and you need to watch more carefully and perform them again.
These exercises will only take 3 minutes but the effects from their regular use will be amazing. Your face will look and feel tighter, younger and wrinkle-free. You’ll regain your self-esteem and it won’t cost you a dime.
Here’s what you need to do
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