25 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Change Your Life

It seems like apple cider vinegar has been used since forever. Its strong antibacterial power has made it a common remedy for wounds, bruises, and it has found it is own application in prophylactic cleansing.

In this article we give you 25 magnificent uses of apple cider vinegar. It is time to do something great for your health without spending a small treasure or exposing yourself to synthetic drugs and harsh chemicals.
Household uses
Apple cider vinegar is a non-toxic substitute for your conventional cleaning products and week killers.
1. Non-toxic alternative

cleaning products you will ever have. Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar is rich in bacteria that you cannot find in store-bought products. Combine equal parts of apple cider vinegar and water into a spray bottle, and that is your super mighty cleaning solution. Use it to remove dirt, bacteria and toxins. You should not worry about the vinegary smell, it disappears once the solution dries.
2. Weed killer
It is safe and efficient weed killer, and it is even more powerful than glyphosate. Who needs harsh chemicals? Combine a cup of vinegar, 1/4 cup of salt and 1/2 cup of dish soap. Spray the solution on any weed you need to remove, but keep it away from your lovely flowers.
3. Eliminate odors
Regardless of the origin of the odors in your home, apple cider vinegar will remove them efficiently. Set a dish of apple cider vinegar in the room you need to refresh, and watch the odors disappear almost instantly.
Health care
Apple cider vinegar has an array of health benefits, so you may want to use it in service of your health.
4. Reduce serum blood glucose
Apple cider vinegar decreases triglycerides, HDL and ADL, which is of great importance in the prevention of diabetes. A study has shown that apple cider vinegar has a huge impact on the lipid profile in lab rats. They received apple cider vinegar for a month, and the final results showed a dramatic increase in the HbA1C levels in rats with diabetes.
HbA1C is a test that shows the plasma glucose levels over a certain period, and it is used as a more reliable method for diagnosing diabetes than regular blood sugar tests. This study revealed a revolutionary discovery in the world of medicine. It brought to light the possibility that apple cider vinegar can provide a healthy decrease of blood glucose, and thus prevent diabetes.
5. Weight loss
Apple cider vinegar keeps you full for a long time. This is great for those who struggle with obesity. According to a recent study, acetic acid in apple cider vinegar prevents or at least stops the accumulation of fat. If you cannot bear its strong flavor, add some apple cider vinegar to your juice, greens, or just dilute it in a glass of water.
6. Decrease cholesterol
Apple cider vinegar has decreases cholesterol and triglycerides in lab rats, as shown in a study that was published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. It is interesting how the rats were given high cholesterol foods during the treatment.
7. Detoxify your body
Detox regimens have become more popular than ever, and many people have witnessed their great effect in their struggle with excess weight. Apple cider vinegar is a mighty antioxidant, and it enhances the elimination of free radicals and toxins from the body. Have your apple cider vinegar in the morning to provide a nice kick-start for your detox program.
8. Clear sinuses
Use the vinegar to break up mucus and clear your sinuses. Apple cider vinegar has strong antibacterial potential which strengthens the prevention of infections and colds. Dilute it in a glass of water, and take small sips. This will ease your breathing.
9. Relieve sore throat
Gargle warm apple cider vinegar to relieve and heal sore throat. Combine equal parts of vinegar and water, and gargle the solution several times a day until your condition improves. This will reduce the inflammation and relieve any symptoms of sore throat.
10. Enhance digestion
If you are often bothered with digestive issues, apple cider vinegar is the best solution to your problem. You ca also use it whenever you believe your meal is going to give you trouble. Dilute the vinegar in water or juice of your choice and help your digestive tract to settle. Apple cider vinegar has strong antibiotic and antibacterial properties which could be of great use for your problem. Pectin in apple cider vinegar is an excellent aid for your intestinal spasms.
11. Relieve itchiness and treat sunburns
It is probably one of the most common applications of apple cider vinegar. Apply it onto the affected area and enjoy the instant relief. It is a nice method for insect bites, poison ivy rashes or jellyfish sting. In cases of sunburns, make yourself a nice bath. Add a cup of apple cider vinegar to your tub, and soak in to relieve the discomfort.
12. Remove warts
Soak a cotton pad in some apple cider vinegar, and apply it directly onto the wart. Repeat this until the wart disappears. Experts still have no explanation on how the vinegar works, but it sure is efficient.
13. Boost energy after exercising
Amino acids in apple cider vinegar hinder the effect of lactic acid that is commonly present in your body after every workout. Have some vinegar after you come home from the gym to relieve and prevent muscle pain.
Beauty / Hygiene
14. Shiny, flake-free hair
It is the best hair rinse you can get. Rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar once a week to make your hair shiny and silky. Acids in apple cider vinegar remove buildups from the products you are using. This will also balance the pH value of your scalp.
Combine 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and 4 cups of water. Use the solution to rinse off your hair after shampooing. Rinse again with cold water. In cases of dandruff, spray your scalp with apple cider vinegar solution twice a week. Use equal amounts of water and vinegar. Wrap your hair in a towel, and leave it on for an hour. Rinse off as usual.
15. Facial toner / Cleanser
Thanks to its antibacterial properties, apple cider vinegar is a great cleansing product, and it can cleanse your face as well. Use it to prevent break outs. Same as with your scalp, apple cider vinegar has the ability to balance pH values. Dilute it in water, and apply the solution using a cotton ball. We bet that this will become your favorite toner. It works great for blemishes as well.
16. Deodorant
Conventional deodorants are not that health-friendly. Consider using apple cider vinegar instead. It destroys bacteria that causes those unpleasant odors, and you will be free of chemicals. Wipe your armpits with vinegar to remove any bacteria. The scent will evaporate once the vinegar dries.
17. Fade bruises
This will bring joy to those who spend more time ‘hugging’ the ground. Apply some vinegar on your bumps or bruises to reduce any discoloration. This comes due to the strong anti-inflammatory power provided by apple cider vinegar.
18. Whiten your teeth
Get your Hollywood smile in an all-natural way. Swish some vinegar solution in your mouth, then brush your teeth as you usually do. Use one part of apple cider vinegar and two parts of water. In this way you get the bacteria-fighting power of apple cider vinegar as a bonus.
19. Get rid of bad breath
Use the vinegar instead of your regular mouthwash. This will help you eliminate bad breath, as it destroys the bacteria that gives you that nasty breath.
20. Work on your smelly feet
Apple cider vinegar reduces bad scent, regardless of its origin. If you deal with smelly feet, wipe them using a towel that you have already soaked in apple cider vinegar. This will fight any bad odor. Apple cider vinegar balances skin pH and eliminates harmful bacteria. This is why this vinegar will soon become your best friend.
Food and cooking
Add apple cider vinegar to your diet. It is a nice way to maintain your health at optimal level.
21. Juice
Apple cider vinegar makes a nice addition to your juices. However, keep in mind that pure apple cider vinegar may damage your teeth and throat. Consider diluting in water before every application. It will give your drinks a tangy flavor, and plus, you get some extra benefits.
22. Baking
Add vinegar to your baked delicacies to fluff them up. You will not notice the vinegary scent in your baked food.
23. Sauces
Add a tiny bit of apple cider vinegar to your barbecue sauce for a tangier flavor. You can also add it to your marinades, or just stir it into your thick condiments.
24. Salads
You already knew this one, right? Apple cider vinegar has been long added to salads, and it makes a nice dressing when combined with olive oil. Enjoy your healthier salads.
25. Soups
Give your soup a tangy hint by adding in some vinegar.
Make sure you buy raw and organic apple cider vinegar. In that way you will keep yourself safe from toxins. Keep in mind that apples get easily contaminated, and farmers spray them a lot.
Source: mamavation.com
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