Do I Have Prostate Cancer? 12 Early Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

Prostate cancer symptoms may not manifest in the early phases of the disease. Men who are affected by prostate malignancy usually experience symptoms as the disease progresses. It is very important to do a regular check up every year in order to reveal the disease at its early stages.
Here are the 12 side effects that shouldn’t be taken for granted as they may point out to prostate cancer:
  1. Problems while urinating and sometimes impossibility to urinate in standing position.
  2. Frequent need for urination, especially during the night.
  3. Inconvenience beginning to urinate or a need to hold back when urinating.
  4. Powerless stream or reduced power in the stream of urine. You may notice a basic trickle or a sentiment of bladder completion.
  5. Experiencing burning sensation while urinating.
  6. Blood in urine.
  7. Difficult ejaculation.
  8. Blood in semen.
  9. Experiencing pain that impacts the lower back, thighs and hips.
  10. Distress in the pelvic area.
  11. Bone pain.
  12. Erectile succession.
The symptoms of prostate tumor aren’t caused by the malignancy, but because of the obstruction that occurs due to the development in the prostate. This is why this disease could impact the sexual or urinary activities of the patient.
Also, these symptoms could be caused by non-cancerous tissue, like urinary tract ailment or extended prostate. Your specialist will discover the real problem.
Let your doctor to diagnose the real problem of your symptoms. These symptoms may include dull, deep torment or toughness in the lower back, rips, pelvis or upper thighs. Bone pain could occur in these parts as well.
The side effects of prostate cancer can be very similar to other tumors’ symptoms. The patient may lose weight and appetite, experience nausea and swelling of the lower extremities.
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