He’s On The Streets Singing A Classic When An Uninvited Guest Joins Him. Incredible!

If you’re out for something to make your day, then the beautiful rendition in the video below will definitely do it. ‘Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay’ is the name of the classic hit is being played in the video. The clip was released by a movement known as Playing For Change and it had the aim of connecting and inspiring people across the globe through music. Local street artists are featuring in the clip and Whitney Kroenke and Mark Johnson who are street artists are behind the creation of PFC.The ingenious and brilliant idea of layering tracks done by different artists from different places worldwide was put across by Mark. You will surely appreciate the award winning documentary which they came up which expresses a special connection and bonding.
This is one of those video I never tire watching. What are your thoughts about the video below? Please enjoy watching and SHARE with friends to make them smile!

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