How To Get Rid Of Mice Permanently In All-Natural Way!

We have all had been through the struggle of getting rid of mice, and this can be both tricky and hard to do. Mice leave urine, feces and lice wherever they pass through, and this can be really dangerous. It is the possibility of spreading germs and diseases that worries us.

What is even worse, mice reproduce super quickly, and female mice commonly have about 10 litters a year, and 10 mice per every litter.

strongly believe that our two-step method will help you solve your problem. The first thing you need to do is seal all cracks and holes in your house, meaning that you will have all the mice trapped inside.
The purpose of this article is to demonstrate some easy ways on how to get rid of mice without any chemicals and poisons, because let’s be honest, this may harm you or a member of your family. By using our method you will get rid of the mice wherever they may be stuck into.
These nasty rodents can go practically everywhere, and carry their dirt all over the place. They destroy household appliances, eat our food, chew and scratch furniture, and the problem does not end here.
What about all the dirt and diseases you may catch? It is a high risk that you do not need in your life. Rats are gray and their teeth are big and strong, which means they can chew almost every bit of your house and walls.

Natural and safe ways to get rid of mice

Traps and baits are commonly used for this purpose. Unlike traps, baits require using poisons, which is dangerous to your health. But, people tend to avoid such solutions, because no one likes a dead mice inside their walls. It is disgusting!
All animals are natural survivors, so you may want to skip out method 4. You can find traps and cages of any size on the market, but one thing you need to be aware of. Stay away from commercial products and handle things in a natural way. It is much safer.

Method 1

This may come as a surprise to you, but soft drinks can be of great help in your battle against mice. Mice do not burp, which makes these liquids a handy tool to kill mice with. Pour some of the drink in an old container, and place it near the spot where you usually see mice. Or their ‘leave behind packages.’ Do this overnight, and you will see a few dead rats next morning. It is gross, but useful.

Method 2

Combine dry Plaster of Paris, flour and a tablespoon of salt. Place it in the area your furry ‘guests’ like most, and make sure you set a container of water right by its side. This mixture will make mice thirsty, and the water will make it stiff in your stomach. This is a quick and efficient way to get rid of mice.

Method 3

Use chocolate powder instead of salt and flour. Mice like it. Combine plaster and chocolate powder. Set your prepared mixture in the most frequently visited spot in your home, again with a container of water. After enjoying their meal, mice will drink water, which will expand the chocolate mixture inside them. And you are free of mice again.

Method 4

You can just get a cat or dog. Your pet will scare mice away, as it is in cat’s nature to hunt a mice. Say ‘goodbye’ to those nasty little creatures, hopefully forever.
Thanks for reading and we really hope we’ve been helpful. And don’t forget – sharing is caring.

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