She Cuts A Condom And Keeps Water In It. Sounds Crazy? See What Happens After This

When we say condom, the first word that comes to your mind is sex. Right? Well yes its primary aim is to help stop STDs and well, protection. But you will be shocked to know that condom has many different uses that go way beyond the normal rubber.

Did you know that condom is great thing to keep water in. you can fill a condom with water and will stay safe for a very long time. This is best for taking on trips. You can even fill a condom with water and keep in your sock during long walk and treks in order to give you feel some cushioning.

Another really good way to use condoms is in the kitchen. Store any ground up red meat in it and it will stay fresh for a very long time. Also the meat will be cooked uniformly if you keep it in a condom. Condoms are made from strong rubber and will make a very good thing to tie hair with.

Do you have trouble bathing with a bandage on your wound? What if a condom solves this problem also? Well, If you have a condom lying around you will never face this problem again. Just cut a condom long enough for the area you want to cover and place it on the bandage and go ahead and take a good bath!
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