Six Men Beautifully Sing "Hotel California" A Capella

Six talented men sat on stage to record an epic version of "Hotel California". But they do it without a band. Their A Capella version of this famous song is completely one-of-a-kind. Their intro alone is fascinating as they create their own band, using their voices. They might just trick you as their voices create a very realistic version of the guitar, drums, and more. They even have one of their men perform what sounds like a guitar solo as the spotlight hits him in his bright red shirt and bandana.

The audience is completely stunned. He slips on his sunglasses and motions his arms to play a guitar, lighting up the stage with his passionate performance. The other five men help him out by keeping the steady beat.

Once he finishes his solo, a few of the men join him upfront and go wild with a beat-box effect. The audience can't contain themselves as their performance is lit on fire. The already loved "Hotel California" becomes even greater with this unforgettable performance. Each of the six men poured their hearts out into this song, and finishing perfectly with a loud drum beat slowing down to the best ending ever.

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