How To Cleanse Pounds Of Toxins Accumulated in Your Colon With Only Two Ingredients

Your health condition depends on your lifestyle and dietary habits. This involves replenishing your body with healthy nutrients and performing regular cleanse. Staying healthy requires removing all the toxins, fecal deposits, mucus and other parasites from your intestines.
In average, the intestines process 40,000 liquids and 100 tons of food during a lifetime. Eventually, they will build up over 30 pounds of toxins, waste material and fecal deposits.
Toxins enter your blood, and cause irreversible damage to the system.
You can easily determine whether your intestines fail to perform their function properly. If you are dealing with constant constipation, diabetes, liver and kidney problems, poor metabolism, obesity, bad skin, hair and nails, and some other diseases like arthritis and cancer, you are likely to have a complete chaos in your intestines.
Enema succeeds to clean only a tiny part of the colon, about 40-50 cm. intestinal flushing is pricey and also dangerous, as it may harm the gut flora.
Remove accumulated toxins from your colon naturally
The safest way to provide an optimal colon function is eliminating the waste naturally.
Take 1-3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour to cleanse your intestines of toxins, mucus, parasites, and fecal deposits within 21 days. This will leave your intestinal microflora intact.
The flaxseed treatment contributes to a faster fat-burning process, it regulates the metabolism of lipids, and regulates weight. Flaxseed flour helps you get rid of toxins and decrease bad cholesterol levels.
Apply this treatment to relieve the following conditions:
  • Colitis, stomach ulcer, gastritis
  • Inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, urinary tract disease, cystitis
  • Obesity, poor lipid metabolism
Cleanse your colon in 3 weeks, and eat the following mixture instead of your regular breakfast combination:
Week 1: Combine 100ml of kefir and 1 tablespoon of flaxseed flour
Week 2: Eat 100ml of kefir and 2 tablespoons of flaxseed flour
Week 3: Take 150ml of kefir and 3 tablespoons of flaxseed flour
If you are unable to find flaxseed flour, buy some flax seeds and grind them finely. Always use freshly ground flax seeds.
Keep in mind that water is also essential, so make sure you drink about 2 liters every day of the treatment. For optimal results, do the colon cleansing once a year.
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