The Best Hair Growth Recipe Leaves- All Doctors With Open Mouth

Women search for their ideal product for hair that will provide them healthy and attractive one. And recently not just women, men dream about the same thing.

There are many products for hair care and hair growth but they are much expensive and do not provide many positive effects.

Here I present you one natural recipe for hair growth which can help you and which will make your hair stunning and many people will be jealous of you.

Recipe for hair growth

In a short period of time after using this remedy your hair will significantly regrow. We rarely notice the hair fall but if you start noticing bald patches you should definitely try this.


½ glass of beer
½ banana
One tablespoon of organic honey
One yolk from egg
Place all the ingredients into blender. After the mixture becomes smooth turn it off the blander and the mixture is done.

It can be taken with your hands, take the mixture and place it on the affected areas that are worrying you. If the mixture starts penetrating on the skin, your heart will feel heat and it actually will start working.
Leave it on your head for a while and wash your hair after as you regularly do. If you want to experience the best results out of it, place this recipe on your head once in 7 days.

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