This Mother Sent Her Daughter a Loving Text Message, Then The Worst Thing Imaginable Happened

Liz Marks was a normal, beautiful young girl with the same myriad of problems most teenage girls face these days.
She had friends and family galore, but like many others she felt she couldn’t properly connect with any of them if she didn’t have her phone on her. This isn’t an uncommon feeling amongst teens these days, but it’s one that can end up causing more suffering than its worth.
Top that feeling off with a sense of invincibility and a driver’s license; no one expected what happened next. Liz got into a car accident because she’d looked down to check her text messages, and the text was from her mother. This touching story is enough to bring a tear to your eye, all over something as simple as a text message.
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Please, talk to your kids about texting and driving – and make sure they know the consequences can always be far greater than a simple ticket.

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