If You Were Born Before The 80s, You’ll Get This. If You Weren’t, Then You Missed THIS.

Here’s one for all the old schooler’s out there who were born in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and even the early 80’s!
The is pre-internet age to the max and if you were there you no doubt will recognize some of these images. There was no video monitoring, child proofing, bicycle helmets and all the other safety precautions which you would be considered crazy not to utilize today. Yet we all still survived! Take this time capsule back to a day when things were care-free, worry-free, even parent-free! What a cool time to be alive as a kid. Major freedom and trust were in tact and you didn’t have to be digitally monitored 24/7 as kids are today!
These were the times and the young kids today will never realize how “crazy” it was back in the day! Relive these awesome moments in this hilarious video of a time now gone.
Share this journey back in time with all your friends and family as well!
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