They Collected Some Best Dance Scenes From Movies, Then They Added This Famous Song! The Result? WONDERFUL!

There are many movies out there that have great dance scenes in them, and those movies and their dance scenes are often overlooked. This video takes the 100 best dance scenes from all of the movies that are out there, and it combines them in order to create something that is very special. This video will have all of the viewers on their feet and wanting to dance. Set to “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars, this video shares some great dance clips.

Those who are movie buffs will enjoy watching this video and calling out the names of all of the movies that are shown in the clips. Those who are fans of all kinds of dancing will love all that this video offers in that regard. This is a mashup that is truly special, and something that will be enjoyed by all who choose to take the time to see it.
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