This Street Musician Was About To Call It Quits… But Then These Kittens Showed Up And Did THIS.

Being a street musician is tough. Not only does it cramp your fingers and hurt your back to play on the sidewalk all day, but it’s so hard to find a real audience too. This Malaysian street musician had enough and was about to call it quits… when he realized that someone was enjoying the show after all.
It just wasn’t the kind of audience he – or anyone else – ever expected!
A group of tiny kittens, each about three months old, walked right up to the musician and sat patiently while he played his songs.
At first it was just two kittens, but then more showed up…
Watch their reaction when he plays!
That is so sweet… I hope those kittens are good tippers!
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[Credits: Honest to Paws]
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