Germany Becomes The First Nation To Ban ‘Chick Shredding’

A newly developed technology will allow for male chicks to be identified while still in the egg.  This will allow removal of the eggs before they hatch and will end the need for industries to grind the newly hatched males, thus terminating this heartless act.

Male chicks are not even considered ‘commercially viable’ for the effort to raise them for meat, meaning that companies find ways to dispose of them in cruel methods.  These male chicks are either suffocated or ground up alive soon after hatching, just the thought of grinding these innocent animals shortly after they arrive sickens me.
This act is a wretched side effect from the commercial egg industry, especially when half of all eggs hatched within the industry are male.  This ethical issue is so immense that the majority of the manufacturer’s will not even talk about it openly.
If, by chance, the consumers were to be made aware of this practice the egg company’s would have a nightmare when it comes to public relations.
This is the main reason that animal rights activists have fought to raise the awareness on the situation.  The sadistic conditions that these animals are kept in, most for life, are inhumane, heartless, and goes against nature.
However, the efforts put forth by activist have paid off.  AnimalsAustralia has reported thatGermany has devised a procedure that will allow an alternative to the mass-slaughter of male chicks that are hatched into the country’s egg industry every year.
They have developed a technology that will allow them to identify the sex of each egg before they hatch.  This allows the removal of male eggs, leaving only the female eggs to hatch.  This seems to be much more ethical.
Germany’s Agricultural Minister, Christian Schmidt, has advised that the process of ‘chick shredding’ be completely phased out by the year 2017.  This will make Germany the first country to put an end to this cruel practice.
Perhaps Germany’s choice to remove this operation will convince other countries to do the same.  Sadly, the act of chick shredding has become a standard practice among the variety of egg farming, including free range.  If the egg industry is to change there must be an effort put forth and their thoughts reformed.  For this to happen we must not back down, and if the industry says it’s not possible, point them towards Germany.
Kindness and love does not stop at humans, we must respect all life enough to realize that they have rights as well.
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