It’s scandalous what these people do to the 6-year-old girl. The man at the end is the worst of all.

When you live in a big city, it sometimes feels like you're surrounded by egoistical people. It seems like everyone is wearing horse blinders while walking through the hustle and bustle on the streets. Most people seem to see their fellow human beings as nothing more than obstacles in the way of where they're headed. It's no secret that many people who actually need help are simply ignored. But how do people react when a lost, parent-less child stands before them? This revealing video says a lot:
This social experiment had shocking results: Only the well-dressed, clean Anna got help, whereas the dirty, poor-looking Anna was completely ignored. Of course, this situation was not real, but the people's reactions were and Anna responds like anyone would when put in such a situation: she's scared and cries.

 UNICEF made this video to give a face to the millions of children who experience this type of rejection every day. We are all responsible to take off our blinders and pay attention to our surroundings. It doesn't take much: some soothing words, a friendly smile, or a helping hand can make all the difference for a child in need.
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