Man Who Suffers From Cerebral Palsy Paints Masterpieces Using Just A Typewriter

This is so inspiring... never let anything stop you from pursuing your passion!

Have you heard of Paul Smith? Well, the name isn’t one you’re likely to forget soon.

When the “Typewriter Artist” was just a boy, physicians determined him to have a severe case of spastic Cerebral Palsy. His speech, mobility, and fine motor coordination were affected and, in effect, he was not entitled to mainstream education.

At the time, doctors recommended children with Cerebral Palsy to be institutionalized. Little is known about the treatments he endured, but what is known is that at age 11, Smith developed an infatuation with typewriter art. Creating pictures with a typewriter allowed him to express himself in a non-verbal way because he could not easily convey his feelings to others. In addition, he had difficulty gripping artist’s tools such as pencils, pens, markers, pastels or paint brushes.
As the video (above) relays, the challenges didn’t stop him from learning to create incredible works of art. His favorite scenes to type out were of animals, still lifes, nature, war scenes, spiritual symbols, and outdoor scenery.

Seven out of the eight decades that he was alive, Smith created masterful creations. And, his refusal to settle for an ordinary life has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions – no matter the obstacles. Even until his death at 85-years-old, Smith continued to tirelessly type with 1 finger in an Oregon nursing home.

Credits: John Stofflet


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