THIS Is What The Shape Of Your Toes Says About Your Character…

The eyes may be the mirrors of the soul. However, many other body parts are mirrors to our personality. There is a psychological theory that the shape of our body is also a language of our psych and unconscious mind. That’s how they are expressed. Be that as it may, this is what the shape of your toes says about your character


This type of toe formation indicates a creative personality. People with this shape of feet are very smart and always find creative solutions to any problem. However sometimes, due to insecurity, they leave their work undone.


People with this type of fingers are energetic. They have a significant creative potential. Many find security behind what these type of people actually believe.


This type of feet indicate strong leadership qualities. The main objective of these people is success in their career. However, there is only one thing that can derail them from their purpose: They crave for incredible perfectionism! It’s an interesting fact that there is an Indian Legend which says that mothers did not allow their sons to marry women where the second finger on their feet is longer than the others (like in this type of feet). It was considered a sign of a commanding character.


People with this shape of toes the greatest value comes from their family and close friends. Owners of this type are characterized by the ability to listen to others and identify with the other party. Sometimes they put everything on their heart and get too emotional. This kind of empathy is often not useful and needs some work to be done to control it.


These type of people talk about ambition but they do not have desire to take responsibility. A person with such toes is fun and engaging, but very often naïve like a child.
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