Woman Has Lived With Severe Migraines For 25 Years, The Cause Is Finally Revealed

Mother Has Had To Live With Migraines For 25 Years, They Finally Know What Is Behind Her Condition

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 Andrea Henson, 46 and a mother-of-two, had been suffering from debilitating migraines throughout half of her life. She has been plagued by moderate to severe headaches since she was in her twenties. In one extreme occasion, Andrea had landed in the hospital with a suspected embolism.
  migraines-since-20‘That was definitely my worst episode’, she said. ‘I had to have all kinds of tests including a lumbar puncture and CT scan. It was very frightening and just goes to show how bad migraines can be.’ ‘My episodes were always unpredictable, they could come on quickly and affect my vision or be a slow starter, lasting anywhere between one to three days.

 ‘I was left feeling exhausted and achy but there was nothing anyone could do. As I run my own business, I had to try to soldier on the best I could. It was really hard.’

 She was given meds, but those didn’t do anything for her health.

 ‘The tablets were very strong so I was only able to take a limited dose – around four tablets a month.

 ‘This was difficult to manage because the migraines were so regular; although I needed the relief, I had to try and reserve the medication for when I really needed it, or risk not being able to have any at all and really suffering later.’

 That’s when she stumbled upon the Yorktest programme.

 ‘YorkTest came highly recommended by a friend who had been diagnosed with a severe gluten intolerance.

‘I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to gain a deeper insight into different sensitivities for the business, while also looking deeper into my family’s health by getting my husband and children involved and taking a test with me. ‘I had no idea that a food intolerance could be causing my migraines at that point.’

  migraines-since-20-2Under the programme, Andrea discovered she has intolerances to cow’s milk and corn, both of which were the roots of her migraine attacks.

 ‘Before changing our eating habits, if Andrew and I ate out we would both suffer from uncomfortable and painful bloating afterwards which ruined our night, but now we are able to enjoy our meals without discomfort. Video: DailyMail
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