Your Body is Acidic. Here is what you NEED to Do (The Real Truth behind Cancer that You Will Never Hear from Your Doctor )

There are many topics, disagrees and agrees from people for the main reasons of cancer developing. According to Dr. Otto H Warburg which is one Nobel Prize Winner, the cancer is caused by the high oxygen deficiency in the body.

In simple explanation, if the body has deficiency of oxygen then our organism becomes acidic and starts developing cancer cells. He also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic and cannot thrive in high levels of oxygen or alkaline body.

He says that the normal cancer cannot survive without oxygen but cancer cells can, in fact once he let a cell with 35% oxygen for 48 hours and the cell may become cancerous. Also, the food we consume often determines the pH levels in the body and balances them.

Our body requires balance and the alkaline level should be 7.365. To devastated acidic pH levels usually the unhealthy diet is responsible and many unhealthy toxins and acid- formed foods that people often consume.

The cells and all their normal activities can be interrupted with the imbalanced pH level and many diseases can be developed as osteoporosis heartburn, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes. It accelerates the aging also.
Many bacteria, viruses, parasites and candida can live in our body and we fight against this kind of illnesses, when our environment is alkalinized they die immediately.

“The acidity in our body can cause us many problems” – says Robert O. Young in his book, “The pH miracle”.
The most important for remaining healthy is the balance of our pH and proper alkalized body.

Recipe for help:
  • 1/3 tablespoons of baking soda
  • 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice or organic apple cider vinegar
The two ingredients should be put in a bowl. Wait until they start fizzing and add more and more baking soda until the fizzing stops. Pour the mixture next in a glass of water.
Consume it as soon as is prepared, the results are coming faster than you think especially if you have stomach acid or acidosis. This creates alkaline environment for your body and neutralizes pH levels.

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