Cleanse Kidneys Of Toxins, Diabetes, Asthma And Cholesterol With Easy Recipes

Do you try to cleanse your kidney from the accumulated toxins? Good news for you, there is a simple way you can do to solve this issue. All you need for this is a few Okras. Also known as “lady fingers”, Okra has been used in Philippines, UK, US, Nigeria, and Caribbean English.


In a cup of Okra, you can find 2 grams protein, 30 calories, 21 mg vitamin C, 3 grams fiber, 0.1 fat, 80mg folate, 7.6g carbs and 60g magnesium. Okra is a healthy vegetable and you can easily find it. You can consume it anytime and in any form be it raw, boiled, fried, pickles, or stewed.

Okra provides a lot of health benefits including alleviating asthma symptoms, improves immunity, decrease the amount of bad cholesterol, treat kidney issues, and helps with diabetes patients.
You can reduce the sugar level in your bloodstream using the following recipe

Okra for Diabetes:
  • Take 4 medium size of fresh Okra
  • Cut the edges
  • Put a split on it
  • Put Okra inside a cup of water
  • Leave the Okra soaked in water overnight
  • Squeeze Okra in new cup
  • Mix it with some fresh water
Now your Okra is ready to drink. Drink this remedy before breakfast to control sweet craving during the day.



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