He Snarled At Everyone Who Went Near His Cage. But When THIS Woman Comes Along? UNBELIEVABLE!

This is Jukani Wildlife Preserve in South Africa, or what is also known as a fantastic home for big and dangerous cats. Started by a police officer and his wife just looking to contribute to the big cat world, this preserve has grown into an immense facility with a slew of animals under their watch.

From bad zoo conditions to cat hunting farms, big cats aren’t always as well taken care of as many of us would like to believe; and this couple wants to save as many as possible.

During their search for animals to take care of they came across a stunning black leopard they named Diablo, for his violent nature. Diablo didn’t come from a very good home, he didn’t even come from the wild. This big cate came from a highly abusive zoo that demanded everything and returned nothing. I’d be pissed off too. Finally realizing there was just just nothing else they could do, the preserve turned to Anna Breytenbach – a famed animal communicator known for her incredible gift. Anna can talk to animals, just not in the sense that we’re aware of.

According to Anna she uses a type of telepathy with the cats, and it all takes the form of images. For those Wheel of Time fans out there, think of Perrin; but for everyone else -images flow from her to the cat, and those images are then interpreted into words. The moment she arrives you can see the behavioral shift in Diablo, and ever since their meeting he’s been a completely different cat. Now sporting the name Spirit, he is finally getting over the horrors of his past.


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