Your Name Is Hidden In This Puzzle… If You Can Find It You’re In The Top 8%...

A long day has ended. You are sitting in front of your computer, clicking away. No matter what you do, whether it is some online shopping or watching a movie, none of them is good for the brain.
However, there is something that might be good for you. Namely, even though doing a puzzle seems like nothing more than staring at the computer screen, it has been shown that it can help your brain stay sharp.
Different parts of the brain will be exercised depending on what kind of puzzle you choose. Crossword puzzles challenge the language and memory areas while jigsaw puzzles provide exercise for the parietal lobes.
Even though it is impossible to do a jigsaw puzzle through the computer screen, we have something interesting to offer.  It is actually a tricky word search which is quite difficult to solve. Check it out along with other puzzles below.
Sometimes, our brains tend to get a little bit fried after staring at a computer all day. To increase sharpness, why not try a puzzle?
To solve this puzzle, you need to look at the block of text and try to find you name. Although it may be frustrating, the answer is very simple.

can’t find it? Don’t worry: Most people have the same problem.

In case you couldn’t find it, don’t worry. In fact, you shouldn’t look for you name. Don’t scroll down to see the answer until you are ready for it.

See what we did there?

As mentioned above, you weren’t supposed to look for your actual name, but for the phrase “YOUR NAME” instead.  People spend a lot of time looking for their name and eventually get frustrated. However, this helps as it helps them move away from activities like shopping or watching a movie.


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