4 Minutes and 28 Days to a Changed Body!

 Nowadays, the plank is the most popular full-body exercise, which has helped millions of people worldwide to change their bodies and become fit.
This challenge is one of the best bodyweight stаtic exercises for toning and strengthening the core аnd the entire body in general.
This workout strengthens the buttocks, burn the belly fat, tones the legs and the arms, and straightens the backs at the same time. Eve though it may look easy and simple, it is far from an easy exercise, and provides incredible effects!
It is similar to pushups, but it is static, so they just tone and narrow down, do not decrease or increase size.
This plank challenge lasts for 4 weeks, in which you build your stamina and boost your strength levels. At the beginning, you endure the position for only 20 seconds and gradually increase the time every single day.
As soon as you reach 4 minutes, which is the final goal, you will be strong and lean, and able to perform even the most difficult exercises and physical activities.
However, the effects of this exercise are dramatically determined by the way to do it. Therefore, learn to perform the plank right:
You should keep the toes and elbows in a line with the upper body part, with the back straight. You should breathe deeply, and feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. Keep the  neck and the head straight, and contract the buttocks muscles, but maintain balance by dividing the weight between the elbows and legs.
When in a proper position, just try to endure it as long as needed.
  • Dаy 1 – 20 seconds
  • Dаy 2-20 seconds
  • Dаy 3-30 seconds
  • Dаy 4-30 seconds
  • Dаy 5-40 seconds
  • Dаy 6-rest
  • Dаy 7-45 seconds
  • Dаy 8-45 seconds
  • Dаy 9-60 seconds
  • Dаy 10- 60 seconds
  • Dаy 11- 60 seconds
  • Dаy 12-90 seconds
  • Dаy 13-rest
  • Dаy 14-90 seconds
  • Dаy 15-90 seconds
  • Dаy 16-120 seconds
  • Dаy 17-120 seconds
  • Dаy 18-150 seconds
  • Dаy 19-rest
  • Dаy 20-150 seconds
  • Dаy 21-150 seconds
  • Dаy 22-180 seconds
  • Dаy 23-180 seconds
  • Dаy 24-210 seconds
  • Dаy 25-rest
  • Dаy 26-210 seconds
  • Dаy 27-240 seconds
Dаy 28-аs much аs you like or cаn
The plank is an incredibly hard exercise, even though it is static. Moreover, there are another plank exercises, specialized to tone specific body parts, but the technique is still the same.
Yet, remember to always breathe deeply, and hold the body in the right position in order to achieve the desired effects. After the 28th day, your body will be fully transformed, strong, and toned! 

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