The food in our body is dissolved with the help of enzymes and hormones, products of the endocrine system.
Sodium bicarbonate is produced by the kidneys and pancreas to help the body dissolve and use the food we eat.
The bigger part of sodium is produced by the pancreas, which protects out kidneys from damage.
If your diet puts too much strain on these two organs ( diet rich in sugars, fried fatty foods and other unhealthy choices) , the kidneys and pancreas can become overworked and can start producing less sodium bicarbonate.
Kidney disease patients commonly suffer from low bicarbonate levels, a medical condition called metabolic acidosis.
If there’s a lack of it, the acids in our body cannot be neutralized leading to harmful effects on the kidneys and other organs as well.
In 2009, British scientists at the Royal Hospital in London uncovered research that bicarbonate slows the progress of kidney disease (1). 

“A simple remedy like sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), when used appropriately, can be very effective.” – says Magdi Yaqoob, professor of nephrology and academic director of department of Renal Medicine and Transplantation at the Bartshealth NHS Trust, UK.


Dissolve a little baking soda under the tongue on the first day.
Take 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 tsp of high-quality salt into 1.5 l. of water daily for two to three days.
Then, reduce your daily dosage to 1/4 tsp baking soda and 1/3 tsp salt (2)
Daily sodium bicarbonate intake is not for everyone. It is usually administered in powder form along with water and can be very difficult for sensitive stomach or who are easily prone to nausea to ingest easily.
Fortunately, it is not toxic, so anyone who can tolerate the appalling taste and can overcome the initial onset of nausea can take it daily to prevent kidney disease and degeneration of your endocrine system.
Note: There are still some additional test that need to be conducted to create a complete picture of the benefits that daily sodium bicarbonate intake might produce.
However, for those who are serious about repairing the damage that an unhealthy lifestyle or a fat and sugar rich diet may have cause, household baking soda may be the miracle you have been looking for.
You need to avoid all items that dehydrate your body, including salt, tea, foods and drinks that are very rich in crystalline sugar, coffee, carbonated drinks, alcohol.
Do not eat more than the daily recommended amount of protein, since excessive protein intake can put strain on your kidneys, causing more damage.
Eat foods rich in vitamin B complex as they are known to aid in protein elimination from the body. Also, you need to eat a lot of fruits, grains and vegetables. 
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