What The Urine Color States About Your Health

The urine can often indicate serious health issues, as its color, smell, and consistency reveal various important facts about your health, from the food you have consumed to diseases you might not be aware you are suffering from.
The biggest part of the urine is water, at least 95 percent, but the rest is a brew of chloride, urea, potassium, sodium, creatinine and other dissolved ions, as well as other various inorganic and organic substances.
In most cases, the urine is yellow, due to the presence of urobilin, a biochemical waste product, which is a result of the breakdown of the old red blood cells. Namely, our body produces more than 2 million new red cell daily, and recycles an equal variety of old ones.
This is what the color of the urine says about your health:
  1. Light yellow urine color.
Similar to: Pale straw color.
This color of the urine indicates that your health is excellent and you are well hydrated.
  1. Transparent.
Similar to: Water.
This may indicate that your body is over-hydrated, and this may lead to a chemical imbalance of the blood, as the essential salts may be watered down.
  1. Dark yellow.
Similar to: Apple juice.
This might be a sign of an excessive use of B vitamins.
  1. Blue/Green.
Similar to: A Jell-O shot.
These colors of the urine may be a result of the consumption of lots of food tinted with synthetic dyes, of the use of medications like Uribel, which is used to treat UTIs, due to the presence of the component methylene blue.
  1. Medium yellow urine color.
Similar to: Lemonade.
This may also indicate a dehydration, so you should increase the intake of water.
  1. Orange.
Similar to: Tang.
This is a serious warning that your body needs water. Moreover, according to Jill Buckley, M.D., if the urine is orange, it indicates the presence of bilirubin, a yellow-colored by-product of the natural breakdown of old red blood cells. Also, the orange color of the urine may also be a result of a gallstone obstructing the bile duct, which drains pipes bilirubin, or due to a liver disease.
  1. Brown.
Similar to: Coke.
The cocoa-cola color of the urine is often caused by the use of certain drugs, like the anti-malarial chloroquine and an antibiotic called metronidazole.
Also, liver and kidney disorders may lead to this condition of the pee, or from too streneos exercise.
The muscles use myoglobin to get oxygen for energy, and too hard workout triggers considerable muscle damage, so the myoglobin can seep out into the blood stream and enter the urine, leading to a dark brown color.
Yet, you must visit a doctor in this case as the high myoglobin levels in the blood may cause kidney failure.
  1. Pink.
Similar to: White Zinfandel.
The pink color of the urine is often due to a drop of blood or the excessive consumption of beets. Yet, in the case of blood in the urine, you must consult an urologist and check if it is a result of an infection or an early indication of bladder cancer.
  1. Darker pink.
Similar to: Cabernet.
This is a sign that there is more than a drop of blood in the urine, which might indicate a potential bladder infection, kidney stones, or cancer. Bladder stones may also cause blood in the urine.
  1. Dark pink.
Similar to: Red wine.
This is a sign of an excessive presence of blood in the urine, perhaps old blood which turns dark as it embolisms and breaks down. According to Sur, “The existence of old blood is really worrisome because it suggests a substantial amount of blood. I want to put a scope inside. As far as I’m worried, it’s cancer up until tested otherwise.”.
  1. Cloudy.
Similar to: An unclean martini.
In this case, you probably suffer from a bladder infection, as the cloudiness is a result of the breakdown and coalescence of mucus, tissues and proteins. 


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