4 Ancient Japanese Secrets For Staying Slim And Healthy!

Western health experts agree that there are 3 important elements you should take into consideration when you try to lose weight:
  • Diet makes up 80-90% of your achievement;
  • Workout can help you achieve better results;
  • For optimal weight loss, include weights, cardio, and flexibility in your workout;
Healthy diet, physical activity and water can help you maintain your health at optimal level and stay fit.
But, every culture implements different rules. We give you the top 4 Japanese rules to protect your health.

1.Eating like a sumo wrestler will make you look like one
Sumo wrestlers skip their breakfast, and start off with an intense training right after they jump out of bed. Their lunch is super rich, and it is often followed by a nice nap. Sumo wrestlers eat twice a day, and their meals are huge.
This means that although you exercise, overeating will make you fat. Large portions and junk meals are more powerful than any workout, so beware of this.
Follow a balanced diet regimen, remain physically active and sleep well.

2.Warmth is everything
The food you eat converts into energy. Fruits and veggies that grow in summer months cool the body, and ease the adjustment to summer temperatures.
Winter foods are packed with calories, and warm up the bodies in cold winter months.
Raw foods are important for your health, but try to eat warmer foods more often. Your diet should be nutritious so the body can get all the nutrients it needs.

Japanese do not drink liquids with their meals, because they believe these can affect their digestion in a bad way. Liquids cool the system, and suck up its warmth.
Water neutralizes the stomach acid, and the body has to spend extra energy to digest the foods you eat. You can still have your liquids through your fruits, veggies, and soups.

4.Hot baths bring you close to immortality
Hot baths stimulate circulation, soothe the body, and reduce stress. Japanese believe that hot baths also enhance digestion, improve skin complexion, and prolong life.
Experts say that 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit is the ideal temperature.
Western cultures believe that calories are associated with weight loss and weight gain, so these aspects may seem strange to others.
According to the WHO, people in Japan have the longest life span, so it seems like their aspects are more than awesome.  

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